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Practical Money Management Tips From Everyday Aussies: Top 10 Australian Personal Finance Blogs

shutterstock_85328341Whether you’re looking for household savings, small business advice or financial management tips, there’ll be something for you in this countdown of the ten best Australian money blogs.

10. Inner City Stinge

This blog is a self-proclaimed ‘cheapskate’s guide to living thrifty in the big city’. Penned by largely-unemployed journalist/copywriter Georgia Leaker, it’s all about living a ‘champagne lifestyle on a VB budget’ in the inner-city. Topics explored include cheap ways to get around without a car, cheap food that isn’t boring and tips on how to improve your chances of scoring a job. If you don’t have much money, but still have good taste, this blog can give you plenty of pointers on where to cut your budget so you can enjoy the things you love.

9. Frugal and Thriving

This is by Melissa, a wife and mother from Queensland who started a blog to pursue her writing career and her passion for ‘thriving on less’. It’s packed with ways to save money, to manage it better, to make the most of small living spaces, to live more sustainably and to be happy regardless of how much money you have or don’t have. Melissa’s philosophy is that saving money can improve every aspect of our lives. It can improve our health by eating whole meals we prepare ourselves, it can improve our relationships and family life by relying less on technology and it can increase our self-esteem through learning new skills.

8. Simple Savings

This is a proudly ad-free money saving website which offers public tips and resources, but is really all about its private community. The community discusses and exchanges money saving ideas in their private members’ forum. Topics discussed are many and varied, but all have saving money at their heart. They include everything from starting a share portfolio, creating a bill payment system and managing a budget, to making your own cherry ripe bars, making condensed milk in your food processor and removing old toilet stains with vinegar. It literally has something for everyone who wants to save money.

7. Money Mummy

Shelley Marsh used to be a stock market analyst. Now she’s a mum and uses her extensive financial knowledge to provide more down-to-earth advice on how to save money. Loads of useful and insightful posts here, including the lowdown on credit card debt, links to other money-saving websites, the impact of the Abbott government’s 2014 budget, the best way to save for your child’s education and how to finance your home renovations. Shelley says her aim is to cut through the industry jargon and make money easy to understand for everyone.

6. Kylie Ofiu

Voted Best International Personal Finance Blog for two years running, Kylie Ofiu’s blog is aimed at helping families save money at home, increase their cash flow and source alternative income streams to help make ends meet. Kylie is an author, blogger, public speaker and home finance mentor and current topics in her blog include getting paid what you’re worth, setting new financial year goals, and saving time, money and stress by streamlining your business.

5. David and Libby Koch

In their current blog, David and Libby Koch provide a 4-point plan for transforming your finances in the next 12 months. David Koch is a well-known financial journalist who has produced a number of small business finance magazines and currently provides business and financial commentary for Pacific Magazines, Yahoo Finance and News Ltd’s ‘Your Money’ section. This authoritative blog includes topics such as managing your own super, common financial blunders, how to increase your tax refund and how to get the pay rise you deserve.

4. Lifehacker

According to the editorial team, Lifehacker is ‘your expert guide on how to get things done and do everything better’. This highly popular site offers practical advice on just about anything you can imagine from the latest gadgets and software to health, travel, career and financial advice. The Aussie version of this American site only includes the stuff that is relevant to Australians and the money sections to head for are Loaded, which offers money management and finance tips and Ratehacker, where you’ll find the month’s best deals for credit cards, home loans and savings accounts.

3. The Smart Money

This is a personal finance blog that provides relevant info on all things money, presented in simple layman’s terms. Its author, Wally David, is a certified financial planner who aims to educate people about money by cutting through all the jargon and presenting things in plain and simple language. Current topics include guarantor loans, tips on lending money to family members, how inheritance affects your pension and the winners and losers in the 2014 Federal budget.

2. Savings Guide

This is a great free resource for people who want to learn how to save money. The creators’ motto is ‘it’s not how much you earn, but how smart you are with what you have’ and the site is packed with tips and advice on how to save money, reduce debt, minimise bills and even make investments. Current topics include everything from how to find bargains online and create a budget spreadsheet to how to save money on utilities and how to use lump sum repayments to pay off your mortgage faster.

1. The Savings Room

This is a treasure trove of ideas and information on saving money, penned by author Penina Petersen. With more than 300 articles and 6,000 savings tips, there’s something here for everyone. Topics include alternative investment opportunities, weekend activities for families on a budget, how to reduce your electricity bills, how to hold a successful garage sale and how to stay healthy for less. If you’re looking for comprehensive savings advice all in one place, The Savings Room is it!

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