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The SRG Cash Flash Visa Card is a prepaid Visa Card. Our card allows your SRG Cash to be available to you within minutes of SRG Finance approving your completed loan documents. This is much quicker than an overnight bank deposit.

Your SRG Cash Flash Visa Card cash can be withdrawn from any ATM throughout Australia that accepts Visa. Your new SRG Cash Flash Visa Card allows instant access to your loan from SRG Finance and also allows for you to add your own funds to the card via ‘pay anyone’ through your Internet banking.

prepaid-visa-card-imgUse your SRG Cash Flash Visa Card anywhere that Prepaid Visa Cards are accepted*:

  • Online
  • Phone transactions
  • Retailers, and service providers
  • EFTPOS** and ATM Access

The SRG Cash Flash Visa Card gives you all the advantages of Visa. If you’d like to know more, contact our friendly staff on 1300 774 562 to and we’ll be happy to explain how the SRG Cash Flash Visa Card can work for you.

Activate Your Card Here Access Your Card Account Here

*Acceptance of the SRG Cash Flash Card is at the merchant’s discretion. Fees and charges apply, refer to the Terms & Conditions of Use click here to view.

**EFTPOS cash out is not available.

Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 (Head Office in Brisbane) is the issuer of the SRG Cash Flash Visa Prepaid Card. SRG Finance has been appointed as a third party agent of Indue. SRG Finance is the credit provider of the SRG Cash.