Perth is an increasingly expensive city to live in – that’s why our cash loans Perth and personal loans Perth service comes in handy for our Perth-based clients.

We all need a little cash assistance sometimes, and dealing with the backs can be a major hassle. SRG Finance is here to help with cash advance loans and short term personal loans.

SRG Finance is an Australian owned and run company that has been assisting residents of Perth and WA with personal cash loans since 2005. We are your same day cash loan experts, here to help you with all of your finance needs. Our online application process is simple and straightforward, making it easy for our clients to apply for a cash loan.

Our goal is to make the entire application process simple and easy, with short term loans matched to your borrowing affordability. At SRG Finance we always ensure that we meet our responsible lending obligations, when it comes to issuing approved clients with their cash loans.

No matter your personal circumstances, SRG Finance is here to help and determine your eligibility for a small cash loan. Once your application is submitted, we will verify that you have no outstanding debts or defaults and take into consideration your personal circumstances.

As a provider of personal loans Perth, we’ve lent cash loans to numerous Western Australians over the years. If you meet our requirements and are approved for a cash loan, we will conveniently transfer your cash loan to your nominated bank account as soon as we receive all relevant documents. Submit an application or give us a call to learn more on 1300 774 562.

Fast Personal Loans Perth

Making ends meet can be hard sometimes, because balancing a budget doesn’t always go according to plan. So if you live in Perth and you find yourself with an unexpected expense that you just can’t cover, what do you do?

Call SRG Finance, of course. We specialise in short term loans and we offer finance solutions that the big banks often can’t provide. We’ll lend you up to $2,500, based on your income and we’ll give you an easy 3 to 6 months to repay it. We understand about real life situations and that’s why thousands of people across Australia have taken advantage of our services over the past ten years.

We offer fast approvals and same or next day transfer of your loan to your nominated bank account via electronic funds transfer. We’ll also send you a prepaid Visa card to give you access to your money via telephone, internet, EFTPOS and ATM.  

So if you live in Perth and you don’t have the money on hand for that car repair, rental bond, replacement appliance or any one of a thousand other unexpected expenses, talk to us at SRG Finance, because we can help.

About SRG Finance

SRG Finance was established back in 2005 as a registered National Credit Provider and our primary focus is on providing short term personal finance solutions. Our portfolio of loan products includes one month cash advances, fast personal loans up to 6 months and secured loans for larger amounts with flexible repayment periods.

We help both individuals and businesses with a wide range of expense and cash flow issues and what sets us apart from other lenders is the fact that we look at real life situations, not just facts and figures, and we give our customers the help they need when they need it. We don’t treat you like a number at SRG finance, so when you need a short term loan, make sure you talk to us first.

Applying is easy with SRG Finance

Obviously you will need to qualify for a loan, but our requirement list is short, so before you do anything else, take a look at it and make sure you qualify. Then you can apply for a fast personal loan by filling out the online application form provided or by calling us on 1300 774 562. We understand your needs at SRG Finance, so if you need short term finance, contact us today.