Short Term Personal Loans

Short term personal loans can really make life simpler when you’re balancing a budget and need a little money over a short period. SRG Finance can help with our same day personal loans up to $3000. These loans are repaid over an easy 3 – 12 month period depending on the amount you borrow.

There are often times where you need a little helping hand to pay for unexpected bills, a new car purchase, family home renovation or that long overdue holiday. Come talk to the experts at SRG Finance and discover short term loans and emergency loans that are best suited for you.

We can assist you to determine exactly how much you can borrow and what your repayments plan would be. Once you are approved for a personal loan and we receive your completed documents by 3.30pm on any banking day, we’ll transfer the funds directly to your nominated bank account.

SRG Finance is a Licenced National Credit Provider, focusing on providing our clients with same day loans. Since 2005, SRG Finance has been providing our clients with short term loans online and friendly customer service. We are short term lenders and short term loan lenders who have a reputation for honesty and transparency.

Credit card repayments are expensive, often with much higher repayments than our simple personal loans. Personal loans allow you to have the flexibility and freedom to live the lifestyle you want to live. So take control of your finances and try a personal loan from SRG Finance.

Need a little monetary boost before payday? Same day cash loans are perfect for when you need short term unsecured loans. Our short term cash loans are a smarter choice and a common alternative to expensive credit card repayments that never end. Read more about cash advance loans from SRG Finance.

SRG Finance is the place to turn to for short term loans Australia.

These are the requirements to qualify for a short term personal loan:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a permanent resident or Australian citizen
  • You must be able to prove residence at your current home for 3 months
  • Proof of income paid directly into your bank account by your employer or Centrelink (Pensions only) must be shown by bank statement (A 90 day statement is required)
  • Applicants must pass a credit check (occasional defaults are OK)
  • Applicant cannot be an undischarged bankrupt (discharged bankrupts OK)
  • Applicant cannot be subject to a Part IX or X Debt Agreement.

We assess your application on merit. If you’re worried about something that may affect your application, call our friendly staff on 1300 774 562. We’ll be happy to assist and answer any questions.


Amounts advanced for short term loans are based on the income of the applicant and the ability to service the loan repayments (call us for more information). SRG Finance supports Responsible Lending.