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Need a little cash? Cash Advances provide finances fast for any situation.

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Borrow up to $3000 today with repayments over an easy 3 - 12 months.

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If it’s a secured personal or business loan that you are looking for, SRG Finance can assist you in borrowing larger amounts of money that perhaps you might not normally have access to.


A secured loan from SRG Finance is a loan that is secured by collateral such as an unencumbered car, motorcycle, caravan or jewellery by the borrower. Under the contract the borrower affirms that the amount borrowed will be paid in full by the due date and that repayments will be made when they fall due, otherwise the item pledged will be sold to recover funds lent to the borrower.

At SRG Finance we can secure a loan against an item you already own. Alternatively, we can arrange a hire purchase agreement for an item that you would like to purchase but do not have the immediate funds to do so.

Typically secured loans take a little longer to approve than an unsecured personal loan or cash advance. We allow up to 48 hours from receiving your completed application for approval.*

So, if it’s a new coffee machine you need for your café, a new flat screen television for your home theatre, or just some extra cash in your pocket, an SRG Finance Secured Loan might be just what you’ve been looking for.

*Approval is dependent on SRG Finance receiving all necessary information and this may occasionally take longer than 48 hours

SRG have helped me when no - one else would. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a helping hand. Thanks again for your help with providing me with loans when no - one else wouldShort Term Loans Australia Close Quote

Jay, Hoppers Crossing