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Budget Travel Series Part 3: Top 3 Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe

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Having been shaped by more than 3,000 years of human civilisation, Europe is steeped in history and breathtaking sights. Ponder the wisdom of Socrates and Plato in Athens. Indulge your inner gladiator in Rome. Walk along ancient city walls and aqueducts, roam windswept beaches where wars played out, rest in a fairytale castle – you can do it all in Europe. Sure it’s a long way away and it might be expensive in parts, but the continent is definitely not out of reach if you know where to go.

In Part 3 of our Budget Travel Series, we take a look at the top 3 budget-friendly destinations in Europe.

1. Andalucia

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A shoot location to some of the world’s favourite films (think Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, Conan the Barbarian, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Game of Thrones), Andalucia is more diverse than you could possibly imagine. Dramatic coastlines sit beside spectacular mountain ranges. Grand monuments to the past coexist with daring modern architecture. Food and wine is a national obsession, and fiestas and flamenco a way of life.


Discover the land of a thousand castles, where feisty cosmopolitanism is awash with contradictions and myths. Revered for its old school bars selling generous tapas, and bohemian teterias where youths smoke cachimbas (hookah pipes), Granada is exciting and poetic – the darker and more complicated cousin of Seville. A blend of history, culture and nightlight, Granada is a city you’ll be sure to fall in love with. Be sure to check out Poë and Babel World Fusion for world-class tapas at dirt cheap prices.


The once rundown port city of Malaga has been grandly rebuilt and is rapidly emerging as a city of culture, it’s ‘mile of art’ often compared to that of Madrid. Narrow pedestrian streets are lined with both traditional and modern bars, souvenir shops that cater for the cruise-line passengers that embark here, and the 11th-century Gibralfaro castle offers up an amazing view of it all.


Seville is the capital of the Andalusia region and a place of spellbinding gypsy culture. Famous for its flamenco clubs and annual festivals, Seville is buzzing with excitement – an intoxicating mix of passion, palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval lanes. The historic centre is lorded over by a colossal Gothic cathedral, while aristocratic mansions recall the city’s past as a 16th-century metropolis rich on the back of New World trade.

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“We joined the morning tour on our first day in Seville and were really pleased we did. It was a great way to get a feel for city. The cycling is easy, flat and mainly on cycle paths. Our guide was great, very interesting and fun. We took her recommendations for places to eat and were so glad we did, the food was fabulous.” – Shiela C via Trip Advisor

Andalucia travel budget breakdown:

  • Flights: Flights to Seville run around $1400 – $1600 return
  • Accommodation: Guest houses and hostels can be as cheap as $28 per night
  • Food: Traditional tapas can cost as low as $3 per tapa
  • Travel: A bus from Seville to Granada will cost around $35
  • Spending: Gifts can cost as little as $5
  • Daily Budget: $60 a day

2. Hungary

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Hungary is an explorer’s paradise, a treasure trove of baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau buildings. Blessed with an abundance of hot springs and bathhouses, ‘taking the waters’ is a Hungarian experience you must try. Food remains a big part of life, and exquisite folk paintings on the walls and ceilings of tiny wooden churches keep rich folk traditions alive.


Architecturally, there’s no city in the world quite like Budapest. Bisected by the River Danube, it’s one of the largest cities in the European Union and certainly one of the most spectacular. View UNESCO-listed sights like Chain Bridge, Parliament and medieval Buda district. Visit the sparkling Gellert Baths or the vast 1913 neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa. Whatever you do, have your camera at the ready.

SRG Finance - Cheap Holiday Destinations in Europe

“When on the night cruise at it was simply amazing! The city by night is just absolutely breathtaking! We missed our departure and the staff kindly allowed us to go on the next trip with any problem or complications. The staff is super friendly and the hot wine helped us to warm up since we had been out in the freezing March cold for quite a while and you can ask the staff for a blanket.” – Adriana C via Trip Advisor

Hungary travel budget breakdown:

  • Flights: Flights to Budapest run around $1100 – $1500 return
  • Accommodation: Guest houses and hostels can be as cheap as $8 per night
  • Food: A meal at a self-service restaurant will cost around $7
  • Travel: A three-day transport pass costs $20
  • Spending: Gifts can cost as little as $3
  • Daily Budget: $40 a day

3. Poland

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Poland offers thousands of years of twists, turns and kings and castles to explore. If you’re a history buff, you’ll go well-served in Poland, from deeply affecting Holocaust memorials and synagogues to fabulous medieval ruins on every hilltop.


Legend has it that Krakow was founded on the defeat of a dragon and even today, its mythical magic remains. Wawel Castle is a major drawcard, while the Old Town and Rynek Glowny, Europe’s largest market square, offers plenty to do, see, eat and drink. A harmonious blend of past and present, you’ll be mesmerised by the beauty of Krakow.

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“Wawel castle is astonishing castle, which is very important to Polish history. It is the most important landmark in Krakow. Definitely a must see place. From castle you can enjoy very nice landscape. Near castle there are many attractions for tourists, not expensive but cosy places to eat.” – Evaldas G via TripAdvisor

Poland travel budget breakdown:

  • Flights: Flights to Warsaw are approximately $1300 – $1600 return
  • Accommodation: You can stay in a castle in Krakow for as low as $7 per night!
  • Food: Herring a shot of vodka will set you back around $4. A traditional obwarzanek (bagel or pretzel) will cost around 50 cents.
  • Travel: A 2-day bus and tram pass will cost you around $6.50
  • Spending: Gifts can cost as little as $3
  • Daily Budget: $45 a day

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