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How to Earn Extra Money

Everyone knows that the best way to grow your assets is to save, save, save… But, what if you’re already living on a shoestring budget, and don’t have extra funds to put aside each money?


Working multiple jobs can feel daunting, and most of us won’t have the time. So, what other options do we have to bring in extra cash and pad our savings accounts? What are you options when it comes to earning money on the side? In the age of all things digital, it’s becoming easier and easier to fill your time with simple, consistent money-making ventures.


We’ve compiled ten ways for you to earn a little extra money:


  1. Answer surveys — There are hundreds (yes, literally hundreds!) of companies out there that will pay you to complete online surveys. To really earn the biggest bang for your buck, sign up for more than one company, and start earning money instantly.


  1. Test Websites — Thanks to the growing digital market place, this is a fairly new opportunity. By spending a short amount of time (as little as ten minutes) you can get paid to run through a series of tests to help web developers determine the functionality of their websites. Interested in giving this a go? Complete a test diagnostic via User Testing now:


  1. Become an Uber driver — Have a car and extra time on your hands? Why not consider becoming an Uber driver? This could be a fun way to get out of the house, work on your own terms, and earn some easy, extra money.


  1. AirTasker — Need a handyman to help you make small repairs? Or an electrician to install a new light? AirTasker is a new way to hire help for one off jobs in your neighbourhood. It works by allowing a poster to share details about the job they need done, and then “taskers” bid on how much they will charge to complete the project. Think you have skills that could be put to good use? Visit the AirTasker website to get started:


  1. Resume and Cover Letter Writing —There are always people in need of extra help when it comes to resume and cover letter writing. If you excel at these skills yourself, why not browse Gumtree or similar websites and find opportunities to help out for a small chunk of change.


  1. Use Ebates when shopping online – Ebates is a great way to earn extra money while shopping online. By offering a whole slew of coupons, deals, and cash back options, it pays to install this app o your phone or directly into your web browser.


  1. Rent out extra space in your home on Airbnb — Have a spare room or granny flat that’s currently sitting empty? Why not consider renting it out? Airbnb is just one of the ways homeowners are earning extra money by welcoming guests into their homes in exchange for nightly fees.


  1. Fiverr — Fiverr is a self-dubbed “freelance service marketplace” that allows entrepreneurs to sell their skills at a low cost. Want to put your voice acting skills to the test? Or, interested in offering professional SEO or SEM services? It’s free to sign up as a seller, which means you can quickly and easily start interacting with potential buyers.


  1. Sell items you no longer use or wear – Online shops like Etsy and Ebay are great for selling gently used items, with little to no cost for advertising. Embrace the changing season and take this opportunity to clear out extra closet space, and earn money for items you’re no longer using.


  1. Recycle – All those plastic bottles and piles of cardboard you’re storing? Believe it or not, there are companies that will pay for it. Even in states that don’t have government buy-back programs for recyclables, many private companies will pay you to take it off your hands.


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